HemelBesem sets the mood for the Camphill Village Music Festival this weekend!

HemelBesem. (Photo: Supplied)
HemelBesem. (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town – The Camphill Village Westcoast Music Festival takes place this weekend.

The line-up includes some of South Africa`s finest musicians. Just Jinjer fans will be happy to hear that they will be performing some brand new songs from their new forthcoming album during their set.

HemelBesem will bring his fine-tuned humor and hip hop tunes, while Beatenberg will rock the crowd with their popular hits. Ottoman Slap will add an exotic flair to the festival with their Middle Eastern and Balkan music and fantastical costumes.

Everything you need to know:


Camphill Village: Klein Dassenberg Rd, Cape Farms. (Map here)




The gates open at 11:00 and the bands kick off at 13:00.


13:00 - MC Hemelbesem intro
13:15 – Swallowers of Time
14:15 – Vision Records Artists
15:00 – Bootleggers
16:00 – Ottoman Slap
17:00 – Just Jinjer
18:00 – Beatenberg


The rugby finals will be screened in the bar area and there will also be a variety of food stalls as well as a beer tent.

To get everyone in the mood for the festival we had a quick chat with HemelBesem:

We hear that your new album has just been released. Tell us a little more about it?

This album is one that I'm so proud of because I got a chance to experiment away from my beloved boom bap...

For instance there's a hint of reggae, dub step, etc littered somewhere between the expected kick and snare. I'm always searching to find a good balance between good lyrics and a listenable song. Here and there I think I found it.

The album also features the likes of Francois Van Coke, Emo Adams, SAMA nominees Auriol Hays, Byron Clarke and loads of up-and-coming vocalists and instrumentalists.

What is the funniest or most awkward thing that has happened while you performed?

Earlier this year a woman came on stage and stood next me on stage and started to dance against me and nobody took her off stage for practically my whole set. It got a bit awkward.

Can you do a quick short limerick for Camphill Festival?
HemelBesem will bring this weekend to a stand still/Beatenberg, Just Jinger etc to sing, bringing the band feel/But when the mics in my hand, the steel will bring the fans skill/There maybe sweepers sweeping the land for real/But only brooms from heaven can reach the village on top of camp hill.