Good-bye push-up bra

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We’re about to break a fashion rule… well maybe it’s only a fashion rule our moms made up. We’re flashing our underwear on purpose. Say hello to the bralette, a lace sports bra hybrid that is made for showing off, even if it’s just a hint.

The key characteristics of a bralette:

- No underwire and padding

- Lace or at least a lace trim

- Pulls over your head (although there are some varieties that feature the usual hook and eye clasp)

- Totally comfortable

The last point has us sold and we’re ready to ditch our barely there T-shirt bras and start showing our underwear off!

Ways to wear the bralette:


Wear it over a fitted T-shirt or (if you’re feeling really bold) pull a Kendall and wear it as a top.


Give your classic oversized T-shirt a lace trim or undo an extra button of your shirt and let your bralette show along your neckline.

Side view

Wear your bralette with a loose-fit tank so that a subtle lace detail peeks out the side. (This trend is all about suggestion.)

Floral lace

Wear your little lace number under a contrasting lace or mesh blouse.

Sports luxe

Not really feeling the lace? We get it. (The bralette is referred to as the athleisure of unmentionables for a reason!)

If you prefer a more dressed down look then opt for a sportier version with bright straps. Let the straps show under a slouchy knit to add some colour to your look.

Shop our edit of bralettes at Woolies.