Emoji Trivia: Musician Edition

(Image: Pixabay)
(Image: Pixabay)

July 17th is world emoji day and JOOX wants to celebrate with you. A whole global day dedicated to the language of winky faces, devil horned faces and dancing ladies in red.  

Since the dawn of time communication and storytelling have been vital to the human condition. From the early use of performance art and cave etchings to the development and formation of roughly over 6 500 languages spoken globally – we have made strides in sharing our stories and having our voices heard. 

Today we have 6 501 languages as a vibrant and visual language has become our preferred way of communicating across the globe - emoji's!

Emoji's have woven themselves into our entertainment industry through the songs, shows and films we choose to consume and in the era of Twitter thumbs and Insta-dipped hearts. Emoji’s are everywhere - including peak emoticon status with the release of The Emoji Movie and even one of the videos released for Lil Nas X’s hit song Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

This arguably makes emojis a universal language all its own – even earning a whole global day in its honour. World Emoji Day takes place annually on July 17 – due to that being the date that is displayed on, you guessed it, the calendar emoji.

With this in mind we decided to keep you on your toes to see if you could guess singers and bands if they were named using only emojis - good luck!

P.S You can find all these musicians and emoji-themed playlists on your favourite music streaming app - JOOX!


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