Five reasons we love Younger - and you will too!

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(Image: Supplied)

Real-world problems can seem pretty easy to fix on TV - so easy, you start to believe you could probably apply those lessons to your own life. Like 42-year-old Liza, for example, who fudged her age a smidge (okay… a decade-and-a-bit) to get a new job, a new life and a hot new lover or two in comedy-drama series Younger

Now in Season 6, her secret is out to those closest to her, and she’s moved on from super-hot tattoo artist Josh to super-handsome former boss Charles. 

If you haven’t been watching, there’s no better time to catch up, as there are plenty of episodes to keep you going through a few wintery evenings. Seasons 1-5 plus the first five episodes of Season 6 are available on Showmax. (More are coming on 22 August.) 

Younger is more than just a fun comedy, though. “It feels like we’re this incredible team of women who’re definitely in charge,” says lead star Sutton Foster (who is 44). “Liza is positive at work. She’s a hopeful optimist. She feels like she’s made it because she’s got an office with a door.”

Here are five reasons we love Younger… and you’ll love it too:

Liza and Charles’s chemistry


From seasons 1 to 5, Liza’s had a lot of fun in the romance department. Whether it’s falling lust with the tattooed hottie from the bar or hooking up with her dapper suit-wearing boss, she’s found love in one way or another that she craved in her marriage.

But while it was empowering to see her being the cougar in her on-off relationship withJosh (Nico Tortorella) and taking what she wanted, Liza’s sweet butterfly-in-the-tummy love for her boss at Empirical Press Charles Brooks (Peter Hermann) is better. The two actors even have that sparkle when they’reoff camera!

Kelsey’s wardrobe 


In Season 1, Liza’s bestie Kelsey (Hilary Duff) is a rising star in the publishing business despite being years younger than pretty much everyone in the office. Someone in her position needs a wardrobe full of power suits,bright colours, mix ’n match designs… and heels. Oh, the heels! Not everyone can pull off Kelsey’s style, but she’s the centre of attention when she walks into any room.

Diana singing 

Yes, you read that right. Diana (Miriam Shor), Millennial’s stuck-up, intense, demanding, strict-as-your-primary-school-headmaster head of marketing is letting loose for Season 6. Well, loose-ish – there’s no real “off” setting for Diana. Seeing her undo her top button and belt out one of the greatest songs of all time is just … magnificent. 

It’s pretty handy for the show that both Miriam and lead actress Sutton are Broadway veterans, while Hilary Duff has several albums to her name. 

“9 To 5 is just one of the best songs ever written because Dolly Parton is a goddess,” says Miriam. “We ruined so many takes laughing. So sue me. I’ve fulfilled my fantasy of singing with Sutton and Hilary.”

Gal pals 


Every woman needs a bestie she can confide in and share secrets with. Liza and Kelsey have their ups and downs, but they always find their way back to each other. And it’s not just an act – Sutton and Hilary are friends IRL too. Besides, when you’re going through a rough patch,everyone needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to help you beat up your no-good, lousy, dirty, sneaky, lying ex…

It’s life!

Although obviously they’re all impossibly beautiful and well-groomed, Younger has some surprisingly spot-on things to say about life. Like Liza, we all just need to reinvent ourselves sometimes. 

“Sometimes you just need a reboot,” says Sutton. “every single storyline we tell will inspire one viewer or another and touch them. You may not agree with everything, but you will agree with something. And that something might be just the kick you need to actually live!” Not sure? Here’sa life lesson or two from Liza’s roommate Maggie (Debi Mazar) who doesn’t understand the phrase “hold back”…

Younger is the feel-good, start-to-live-again irreverent comedy series you never knew you needed until you streamed it!

Where to watch Younger 

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