Now you can watch EFC on Showmax

EFC fans will be thrilled that Showmax has added EFC to its sports line-up. Not only can viewers live-stream matches, but you can go back and re-live all the best fights, submissions and knockouts in the EFC Premium Fight Best of Series featuring Lin, Zouak, Mazany, Bright, Oosthuizen, Djikasa, Drotschie, Kayambala, Penco, Austin, Ridley and more.

Faeez Jacobs vs TC Khusu efc fight showmax

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This Saturday EFC fighters Nkazimulo Zulu and Faeez Jacobs will do battle for the 61kg championship title in a match that will be streamed on Showmax

And if you think that MMA is something for men only, you couldn’t be more wrong. More than half the audiences at the live events are women and girls, plus EFC promotes its female roster as much as it does its male line-up. 

“I love the release you get from being physical,” says EFC fighter Amanda Lino. “Most people don’t get to punch someone in the face every day, but as a fighter you get to release that stress in a controlled manner. I wanted to transfer negative energy into something useful and positive.”

Tune in at 8pm on Saturday 10 Aug as Nkazimulo Zulu squares off against Faeez Jacobs for the championship title on Showmax.

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