Man vs Food presenter beats the battle with the bulge! See the amazing photo here!

Los Angeles –  When the show Man vs Food ended in September 2012 Adam Richman was left with a bulging waistline.

He lost a whooping 32kgs over a period of 10 months and what better way to celebrate it than to star as a centrefold.

In the photo Adam looks totally at ease in the buff wearing soccer boots, socks and a soccer ball strategically covering his assets. 

(Dove Shore/Cosmopolitan)

Adam agreed to strip down in order to raise awareness for male cancer for the charity Cancer Research UK.

Adam is enjoying his new body and said in the interview with Cosmo that it feels good not to be the plucky friend anymore.  He was motivated to change his lifestyle out of health concerns and his non-existent sex life. With the weight gone his health issues have been resolved and he feels more confident in the dating field.

(Adam Richman before and after. Getty Images)

He lost the weight by following a strict diet and exercise routine that included soccer training. All the hard work paid off and Adam looks simply amazing!

Adam posed for the July issue of British Cosmopolitan to raise awareness of male cancer for Cancer Research UK. It is also available in digital format on the Apple Newsstand.

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