Naked brides! Biker brides! Hilarious weddings for Four Weddings SA

Four Weddings SA (Photo:Supplied)
Four Weddings SA (Photo:Supplied)

Cape Town – Four Weddings South Africa will start on Lifetime (DStv 131) on Friday 16 October, with viewers who will see everything from naked brides to biker brides and even a wedding in a shopping mall.

And how about a Xhosa-Swazi-Tswana-Sotho-fusion wedding? The already buzzed about reality competition show will follow four pushy brides per episode, competing and betting that their wedding will be the best in order to win a dream honeymoon.

Four Weddings SA is produced by Rapid Blue and was commissioned by A+E Networks UK as the first local TV programme commission for Lifetime in Africa.

The show is similar to the popular and funny Come Dine with Me South Africa which was on BBC Entertainment (DStv 120) and Our Perfect Wedding on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) – both of which are well-produced shows beloved by viewers and well-reviewed by TV critics.

In Four Weddings South Africa brides compete to have the perfect wedding they've planned for years, with fascinating and sometimes hilarious results. Each episode follows four brides as they attend each other's special wedding day, voting at the end on which wedding was the best.

The winning bride and groom are whisked off to a dream honeymoon destination. In the show the brides judge each other with marks for dress, venue, food and overall experience.

In Four Weddings South Africa viewers will "taste" anything from braaivleis to Morogo, experience the whole spectrum of wedding customs of South African communities and hear the various languages of the country.

"We are confident that, with its compelling mix of brides and budgets, cultures and tastes, Four Weddings South Africa will make for fascinating and jaw-dropping entertainment," says Kee-Leen Irvine, Rapid Blue producer. 

'Crazy' bride

Viewers will meet a bride inviting the entire town of Villiers to her wedding, a Zulu maiden who take over the Johannesburg botanical gardens and watch as clouds gather for Storm's elegant, rustic country wedding with an unlimited budget.

There's a naked wedding for naturists Joanne and her groom as well as a must-see Xhosa-Swazi-Tswana-Sotho-fusion wedding and flamboyant Keke celebrating marriage to her Orthodox Jewish boyfriend in Sotho sesheshwe style.

Muslim bride Fagmieda will try to dazzle with a large and colourful Islamic wedding, Robyn has a grand Portuguese wedding, Simoné has "Boerekos" as her Afrikaans wedding and art teacher Jolene goes for a Steam Punk fancy dress wedding.

Biker chick Lenay invited all her leather clad, helmet wearing friends to celebrate her big day, Sheroma has an Indian Christian wedding with flamboyant embellishments, Brigitte organises an "alternative" wedding ceremony in a shopping mall and Charmaine goes for a fairytale princess wedding set in a romantic garden.