The manliest show on TV is back for season two!

Joel Lambert  in Manhunt 2 (Discovery)
Joel Lambert in Manhunt 2 (Discovery)

Johannesburg – Joel Lambert returns in Manhunt 2!

This time around the former U.S. Navy SEAL will pit himself against military-trained members of New Zealand's proud warrior race, the Maori, deep within 'Lord of the Rings' country, and will be dodging backwoods survivalists in Florida.

Amid the humid Southern swamps, can he elude South Carolina’s best men and their bloodhounds? Migrating to Mexico, he'll challenge experts in tracking down fugitives and narco-traffickers. A whole continent away in Mongolia, the terrain will be as much of a test for Joel as for his hunters, while in the rugged Highlands of Scotland, they will be hot on the trail of our covert survivor.

Watch a teaser trailer here:

Don’t miss the premiere of the second season Monday, 26 October from 22:00 on Discovery Channel (DStv 121).  

(Photos: Discovery Channel)