WATCH: Trevor Noah baffles Ellen DeGeneres with his views on apartheid

Trevor Noah meets Ellen DeGeneres. (Screengrab: YouTube/EllenTube)
Trevor Noah meets Ellen DeGeneres. (Screengrab: YouTube/EllenTube)

Cape Town - Trevor Noah paid a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday night and shared his views on growing up in South Africa.

When asked by Ellen if it was tough growing up in apartheid because his parents are a multi-racial couple, the 31-year-old replied; “For them it was, but not for me.”

The Daily Show host then goes on to say that he wasn't as affected by apartheid as his parents.

Noah tells Ellen; "I grew up in a great time… I appreciate how democracy changed our lives, but I wasn’t in apartheid for so long that I can say it truly affected me negatively."

Watch the full interview here:

Season 13 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently screened on M-Net channel 101, and South African viewers can catch the episode featuring Noah on Tuesday, November 3 at 17:00.