Barney the dinosaur unmasked

David Joyner. (Getty Images)
David Joyner. (Getty Images)

Cape Town – Barney & Friends remains one of the most popular kiddies programmes of all time. 

The purple dinosaur is probably one of the most loved characters from TV.

But have you ever wondered who's hiding in that suit?

Business Insider interviewed the man who first played Barney between 1991 – 2001.

Before he was Barney 53-year-old David Joyner worked as a software analyst for six years and then a live mannequin. 

About being Barney he says it was never an accident and that he was supposed to be this character. 

Being inside the Barney suit was no easy feat, David revealed it weighed 31 kilograms and it would heat up to 120 degrees inside.

But while Joyner wore the suit, the voice of Barney was played by a man named Bob West. 

"We would do dino-sync. As I have my headphones on I can literally hear him taking his breath," says David. 

Speaking about that famous Barney song he says: "It's a beautiful thing to know how that song has impacted pretty much this next generation."

After doing Barney for 10 years David moved to Los Angeles where he pursued acting. 

He has starred in Shameless, That 70s Show, ER, 24 and The Young and the Restless.

Currently he is working on a show called Hip Hop Harry which is about 'a cool hip-hop, rapping, break dancing Teddy Bear.' 

Watch the full interview here:

(Photo: Getty Images)