Googlebox star reveals how much she gets paid

Scarlett Moffatt (Getty Images)
Scarlett Moffatt (Getty Images)

Los Angeles - Each family on Gogglebox is paid £1 500 (R26 000) a month.

According to one of the show's insiders, each participating family must commit to 12 hours of filming per week across two six-hour shifts, and receives the £1 500 at the end of the month. The money is then divided by the family members at their own discretion, according to a report published by The Sun Online. 

Although the monthly wage may not seem like a lot when split between each member of each respective family, appearing on the show does come with added perks.

Whilst filming, the food that is seen being gobbled down by each group - often in the form of a takeaway - is supplied by the show free of charge.

News of the families' wages comes after Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt - who is currently battling bugs in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! - recently confided to camp mates Wayne Bridge and Joel Dommett that she'd managed to pay off her parents' mortgage. 

She said: "My aim is to be able to buy me mam and dad a caravan.

"Cause they've always wanted one, but they are like £20 000 (R350 000), and I really want to be able to buy them one.

"And that's the dream, everyone wants to be able to look after their mama and dad, like they did when they were younger.

"I paid off their mortgage off their house for them."

Now, with the payment figures revealed, it is believed Scarlett - who appears on 'Gogglebox' with her parents - has used money from side projects to help support her parents.

Scarlett is reportedly receiving £70 000 (R 1 220 945m) from her stint in the jungle, as well as making money from her autobiography Scarlett Says - which was released earlier this year - and a soon-to-be-released fitness DVD.