Heavens! Hillside has a new Hilda!

Cape Town – Hillside has a new Hilda. The well-known “spinnekopvroutjie” (spidery woman) in the SABC2 soap 7de Laan last night stunned viewers with a radical makeover transformation for the character that’s been known for her eclectic scarfs, jerseys and bookworm appearance.

While it’s still the same actress, Annelisa Weiland, in the same role of Hilda de Kock, the producers decided on a radical new appearance for the character after her husband Oubaas who was played by Pierre van Pletzen, is literally out of the picture.

After discovering that Oubaas has been cheating on her with another woman for years, Hilda has agreed to a radical makeover – sporting a brand-new hairstyle, make-up, and stylish clothes.

The “new” Hilda that made her debut on Monday night is barely recognisable after Connie’s makeover, representing a brand-new chapter for the character after 17 years in the soap produced by Danie Odendaal Productions.

Gone is the long hair, often wore in a ponytail, replaced by a shoulder-length bob-hairstyle.

“The story mainly centres around Hilda who experienced big disappointments and challenges the past while and wanting to make a new beginning,” producers told Channel24 on Tuesday about Hilda’s dramatic transformation.

“After she tried herself to do a makeover, Connie decided to help her to properly change her appearance and on Monday night it was the first time that we saw the ‘new’ Hilda on TV.”

It’s the first time in a quarter of a century that actress Annelisa Weiland is wearing her hair short. The new appearance and clothing styles are to signal that the character has undergone emotional growth after coming to terms with her husband’s cheating ways.

(Photos: Danie Odendaal Productions)