Kim Engelbrecht tells us about her new superhero TV show and dreams of playing Wonder Woman

Kim Engelbrecht. (Gallo Images)
Kim Engelbrecht. (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – In case you have not heard, SA’s very own Kim Engelbrecht is set to star in the new season of popular US series The Flash. The local actress, who will be playing the role of The Mechanic, had a chat with Channel24, giving us the inside scoop on her new role and her love for comic books. 

Were you a fan of The Flash series before signing on? 

If you go back in my Instagram history you can see that I’m a big comic book fan. So I love everything comic book. The last show I did was Dominion, which is very sci-fi, I had a chance to fight, you know being really physical. So I’ve always kind of been leaning towards that genre. It’s kind of a dream come true for me actually.

You mentioned that you’re a big fan of comic books. Which one was you favourite? 

In the DC Universe, obviously, Batman. 

Tell us more about your character. How different or similar is she to characters you’ve played in the past? 

The character that I play is called The Mechanic. She is a highly intelligent engineer to the Big Bad of season four’s Flash, which is Clifford DeVoe who is The Thinker. In season four the fastest man alive is now being pitted up against the fastest mind alive. My character is the engineer to The Thinker. So whatever he thinks up she then builds. 

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What is it like working with Neil Sandilands? 

Very cool. He is amazing. He’s a lot of fun and he is impressive. He’s a great actor.

What has been the most challenging part about filming? 

Jetlag. I work in Canada so I leave again on Saturday and then I film the next episode. Most difficult I think is just me realising the magnitude of the show and just being comfortable with myself and doing a really good job. But there’s no real hurdles, it’s been really exciting and just a complete blessing.

What are most excited for fans to see? 

I think I’m excited because I want to see people like her [The Mechanic]. I know she’s not a good girl, but I think there are certain positive qualities about her. There’s a running kind of feel with the show where there’s good versus evil and maybe she’s got a little bit of good in her. 

Very important question – The Flash or The Arrow? 

The Flash. The cool thing about this show is that there is that crossover feel so you’ve got Arrow, you’ve got the DC Legends of Tomorrow, you’ve got Supergirl. So you’ve got all of those different universes that kind of interlink which is pretty cool.

If you could play any Superhero who would it be? 

Wonder Woman.