'Little Women: LA's' Jasmine on the good and the bad of being a reality star

Cape Town – Now in its eight season the Little Women of Los Angeles are not slowing down as they leap out of their comfort zones and push themselves to new heights.

The OGs of the Little Women franchise return for a new season on Lifetime (DStv 131) from Thursday, 4 July at 19:55.

Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy Gibel and Jasmine Sorge juggle motherhood, budding careers, relationships and the never-ending drama in their small circle. 

Little Women: LA cast Tonya Banks, Terra Jole, Jas

Since joining the franchise in season three Jasmine has become a firm favourite among fans of the show – her loyalty and ride or die allegiance to her friends and family is much admired.

The 34-year-old mom of two has certainly come a long way since she first made her appearance as Briana Renee's friend. She has faced a lot of ups and downs, and conflict with the ladies to cement her place in the group.

"I think I have changed a lot in just opening up about my life a little more. When you first come onto a TV show, you don't know what to expect, and you don't know what to talk about. The more I opened up about my life, the more I was able to relate to others, and through it, I started to accept and love myself a lot more," says Jasmine during a telephone interview.

When Jasmine shared that she had a hair condition, she got a lot of positive feedback on social media, which in turn encouraged her to share the happy times and the bad times.

Four newcomers join the ladies this season: dancers Mykesha Smith (26) and Jordan Domingo (19), model Dominique 'Dru' Presta (23) and drag queen Cole Seward (25) who goes by the stage name Raquel. 

Christy's daughter Autumn and Terra's friend Mika Winkler will once again have recurring roles.

Speaking about the newbies, Jasmine says they bring a young fun flavour to the season.

"Tonya and Christy are the momma bears. Terra and I can have more fun with them. Because we're older, we can guide them and answer questions they might have and just be there for them."

On what she thinks the show does for the LP community Jasmine says frankly that she is not sure what the community thinks of them.

"They either love us or hate us. I know that some are happy with us doing the show, others not so much."


In season 7 we saw Jasmine reignite her passion for singing by going for vocal lessons and even performing at her family's restaurant, her husband Chris got a new job and her friendship with Elena was on the rocks.

In the new season, Jasmine says she faces some challenges in her personal life and marriage.

"The challenges that I face is more in my personal life when it comes to my marriage and the struggles we deal with."

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When it comes to friendships, she has gotten closer to Terra.

"I feel like sometimes you test other friendships and grow apart from others and closer to others."

And if there's one thing that you can count on in the show is the drama between the ladies.

When asked who she thinks is the primary source of conflict in the group, Jasmine's gives a diplomatic response.

"I think we all have it in us. I think at times it really is just who is upset that day sometimes it's me, sometimes it's Elena, sometimes it's Tara, sometimes it's Christy or Tonya. Sometimes we have something on our chests, and we can't just hold it in, and then it blows up. We are all very sensitive."

But despite the interpersonal beef Jasmine hopes that people get to see that they are no different from average height people.

"The main thing we always want people to know is that just because we're small, doesn't mean that we don't have the same problems as everyone else.

"We didn't choose to be little people we were born this way, and we have to face the world, and sometimes we don't feel accepted. We just want to feel accepted and let other people to know that we're not just a joke. People sometimes think it is okay to just point and stare and laugh at us. We just want to be accepted and we want people to know we're like everybody else."

With three spin-off shows the Little Women franchise is going strong when asked if she would want to be on any of the other shows, Jasmine says she would like to spice it up.

"Maybe we can make one in Mexico – it's my culture – we can totally go that way."


Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 19:55 on Lifetime (DStv 131).

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