Ne-Yo's wife Crystal Smith gives us the scoop on her new reality TV show

Cape Town – In the new E! docu-series The Platinum Life seven popular musicians' wives step out of their significant other's shadow into the spotlight. 

The show follows Asiah Collins, wife of Kid Ink, La’Myia Good, wife of Eric Bellinger, Shantel Jackson, girlfriend of rapper Nelly, Nazanin Mandi, fiancée of Miguel, Lola Monroe, girlfriend of King Los, Crystal Smith, wife of Ne-Yo and Alycia Bella as they juggle their careers and that of being a partner to a celebrity. 

Crystal decided to do the show because she wanted to showcase her culinary skills, she says during a telephone interview with Channel24

"I wanted to promote my business in the culinary sector and to show people what I actually do as far as work."

Before she married Ne-Yo, Crystal had a budding modelling career, shot a few adverts for Cadillac and appeared on the MTV show Wild 'n Out.  

Being married to the Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer catapulted her into a bigger public spotlight. 

For Crystal letting the public into her personal space wasn't a big deal as she lives her life transparently. 

"As long as my husband doesn’t mind me sharing things I am pretty open with my life. What you see is what you get and I don’t really want to hide things; it is kind of like lying to me," says Crystal. 

She calls The Platinum Life interesting because there are so many different aspects to the show. 

"Of course there is drama but there is also sisterhood and great moments of empowerment and lifting each other up."

She continues: "It also shows that just because we are with these men who are in the industry we also have our own careers and our own things that we want to do – we are not just someone's wife."

And while the show is very similar to some of the other reality shows out there, she says the main difference about this show is that it showcases women trying to build a sisterhood. 

Before signing on to do the show she didn't really know most of the other women besides her real life friend La’Myia, who lives down the street from her. They have been friends for five years.


For Crystal the biggest challenge during the show was learning to control her temper. 

"It was a very big challenge for me not to allow people to take me to a place of anger. And at the end of the season I learnt how to control my temper and I am very proud of myself."

In one of the episodes Crystal had a verbal spat with one of the other ladies and the day after it was aired she posted an apology video to her fans on Instagram

She says it was important for her to apologise to the people who consider her a role model.  

"We have a responsibility to the people who do call themselves our fans. If we want to portray anger and negativity then we are using the platform that we are given in a negative way. And I don’t want to do that. I am human, I make mistakes and I want people to learn from me."

For Crystal this show has taught her a lot about herself and she can truly say that she is happy with the person that she is. 

"I am me and I am happy with who I am as a person."

Her highlights on the show include some big deal that has something to do with her career. 

She doesn't want to spill too much so keep an eye out on the show. 

So, what's next on the cards for Crystal?

"For now my biggest project is taking care of my new little baby that's on the way and focusing on being a new mommy."

Catch The Platinum Life Mondays at 20:55 on E! (DStv 124).

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