Olivia Colman takes over The Crown

Olivia Colman. (Getty Images)
Olivia Colman. (Getty Images)

Cape Town – Claire Foy will be handing over the crown to a new queen.  

Earlier this year Channel24 reported that Foy will be leaving the role after season two and that the role with be recast with an older actress in keeping with the timeline of the series. 

E! News reports that Olivia Colman has been cast in the role as the older monarch for seasons three and four. 

Colman recently won a Golden Globe for her role in The Night Manager

She is no stranger to playing a royal as she starred in Bill Murray's Hyde Park on Hudson in which she played Queen Elizabeth's II mom.

In an interview with Variety series creator Peter Morgan said that the intention has always been to replace the cast to better portray the characters as they age. 

Season 2 of The Crown will be available on Netflix in November with season 3 scheduled for 2018.