SAFTA winner Bongile Mantsai joins Scandal!

Bongile Mantsai. (Photo supplied:
Bongile Mantsai. (Photo supplied:

Cape Town - 2018 SAFTA winner Bongile Mantsai - who is best known for his starring role in the acclaimed South African movie, Inxeba - is the new addition to the Scandal! family.

Mantsai - who has also appeared in several productions including Nkululeko, Sew the Winter to my Skin and Cold Harbour - will air on 11 June as Mthunzi Mayisa, a 33-year-old villain who is driven by revenge but comes across as extremely innocent and pleasant.


He is charismatic and utterly charming. However he carries himself like a successful businessman. He’s ambitious, calculative and can be ruthless. He’s a chameleon who easily plays different roles to different people to get what he wants. Mthunzi is the son of Dambisa Maduna, who is a domestic worker for the Langa family. 

Mthunzi was born out of wedlock, and his mother’s family rejected him and shamed his mother. He practically grew up without his mother, who left him to be raised by his grandmother.

As a child he once visited his mother at work and had a bad experience with the Langa’s, which left him feeling unwanted and disrespected. He grew up to resent them; also believing that he never had a chance to have a mother because of them.

He gets an opportunity for revenge and comes into our world as an infiltrator.