TV GUIDE: 3 dating shows that will have you hooked

Luke and Ashley in 'Dating Around.' (Netflix)
Luke and Ashley in 'Dating Around.' (Netflix)

Cape Town – From first dates to happily ever-after – these three dating shows will have you hooked this Thursday.

Dating No Filter

21:30 – E! (DStv 124)

Finally, an honest voice is here to take on modern TV dating. In every episode, comedians watch singles as they date, or at least try to date, providing unfiltered commentary on all the shock and awe that viewers are already thinking.

Love Island


All's fair in love and war - and there's plenty of both on Love Island. Binge three addictive seasons of this Brit reality show where if you're not in a couple, you're booted off the island.

Dating Around


Dating can be tough, so it may be a good idea for singles to go with quantity over quality when hitting the scene to increase their odds of matching with someone. Each episode features a single who goes on five first dates that are filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges and - hopefully - moments of true connection.

Compiled by Leandra Engelbrecht.