TV: Nicci ditches Tim at the altar!

Nicci makes a run for it. (Photo: Suidooster/kykNET)
Nicci makes a run for it. (Photo: Suidooster/kykNET)

Cape Town – A beautiful soapie wedding took a stormy turn in kykNET’s popular local soapie, Suidooster on Monday night.

The much-anticipated wedding episode saw Tim du Plooy (Marco Spaumer) and Nicci October (Gerwen Simon) getting ready to tie the knot.

But not everything went as planned when Nicci’s lifelong and childhood friend, Rhafiek (Irshaad Ally), realised that he is actually in love with her.

What’s more is that Nicci’s mother, Bridgette (Denise Newman) never really approved of Tim and several times tried to drive a wedge between him and her daughter.

But on Thursday evening last week kykNET viewers watched as Nicci walked down the isle to marry Tim.

During the ceremony, and of course at the end of the episode, Rhafiek entered the church drawing attention from everyone including Tim and Nicci.

This cliffhanger caused much speculation on social media and in Monday evening’s episode the outcome was revealed when Nicci decided to end the wedding proceedings leaving a stunned Tim behind.

Here is a video clip of Tim and Nicci’s relationship and how it all came to pieces: