We connect with Hollywood's medium

Cape Town – Tyler Henry has come a long way since his show first debuted in 2016

His show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, now in its third season, is currently airing on E! (DStv 124).

Tyler told Channel24 during a telephone interview that he has grown both as a person and a medium since the first season. 

“I have had a lot of practise seeing that we have now done over 173 readings for the show. My ability to read has become a lot faster, and I spend less time trying to make a connection which is very helpful,” says Tyler.

Speaking about the process he goes through during a reading Tyler says his sixth sense uses his other five senses to communicate. He might have a vision, pick up a smell or hear a voice. 

“My job is then to figure out what it all means, how it is going to be relevant and how it can be validated by the client,” explains Tyler. 

The readings take a physical toll when he sometimes experiences sensations that will correspond with how people died. Tyler finds this to be the scariest part of his job as it is physically overwhelming. 


Since he first discovered his ability he has learned to navigate it and is able to turn it on and off at times which does allow him to live a relatively normal life when he is not working. 

But that doesn’t stop people from coming up to him while he is doing grocery shopping at a supermarket. 

“People stop me and ask me about their loved ones who have passed away. I have to explain to them that what I do is a lot like therapy and it really requires the right time and the right place.”

The most challenging part of his job are meeting the expectations sets by clients. 

“There is such an endless need for people who are grieving and who need comfort and validation. Dealing with that has been a lot. I think it speaks to the fact that loss is universal and hopefully people who watch the show can really relate to it and I hope they can find comfort,” says Tyler. 


This season he sits down with a host of celebrities including: Jim Parsons, Kristin Cavallari, Teresa Giudice, La Toya Jackson, Iggy Azalea, Lucy Hale, Guiliana Rancic, Megan Fox and Taye Diggs to name a few. 

“There are a lot of recognisable names. I love it because I think people will see a different side of the clients that they don’t expect. And it shows that we all, regardless of our lifestyle, go through the same things and I am very excited for people to see it,” says Tyler. 

His most memorable moment on the new season is his reading with Kristin Cavallari in the first episode. 

“Her brother came through and her dad was watching the reading as it happened. He came through with a validation that her dad understood and it just shows the impact that these readings can have on numerous people.”

Tyler’s top three celebrities he would like to read are Tonya Harding, Janet Jackson and Cher. 

What advice does he have for people trying to connect with a loved one?

“I would say in order to really feel the signs you have to be open, rely on your intuition and really just focus on being present. A lot of the signs are very subtle and people need to get out of their own heads to sometimes feel them, that’s very important.”


Catch Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry Thursdays at 20:00 on E! (DStv 124)

(Photo: Supplied by NBC Universal)