Your favourite group of ‘Friends’ are returning to Central Perk – well, sort of

The cast of Friends (Photo: Getty)
The cast of Friends (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross are all returning to Central Perk – well, sort of.

The LEGO Group just revealed a new, highly collectable set of Central Perk, complete with authentic details of the coffee shop to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.

The couch and armchairs the characters in the show sat on all recreate the LEGO scene, while builders can also recreate the stage where Phoebe performed Smelly Cat – and Ross once played his keyboard – along with a brick-built coffee machine, cookie jar with two cookie elements, menu board element and other authentic items.

The set also includes three pillar elements in an all-new shade of green created for the set and a window with the Central Perk logo. It even features two brick-built TV studio light rigs with translucent light-style elements.

friends central perk lego set

Characters included, the LEGO Group also unveiled seven new LEGO Minifigures – the seventh, of course, being Gunther.  

(Photo supplied: LEGO GROUP)

Compiled by Bashiera Parker.