5 rodent films that will have you conflicted about hating rats

Watch Shashi Naidoo crawl into the ceiling to do some gruelling work on the upcoming episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)
Watch Shashi Naidoo crawl into the ceiling to do some gruelling work on the upcoming episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)

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It’s two in the morning and you hear a scuffle in your ceiling. Pause. Then some more. Your mind goes all over the place - could it be rats or the rats of the sky (pigeons) nesting in there?  

You brace yourself to peek through a slightly raised attic door with a flashlight and, in a flash of grey and the slip of a squeak, your theories are confirmed: there are rats in your roof.  

You have two options: Survive the night and call a company in the morning to deal with them. Or hype and kit yourself up to try and scoot them out of your house yourself. The latter the more daunting of the two tasks.  

Be sure to watch as local actress, Shashi Naidoo, attempts joining the Roof Rats in the upcoming episode of 1st for Women's Not A Diva. You can catch all the squirmy action on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Thursday, May 30 at 21:30.  

But there are times we aren’t so averse to the rodent kind. It is when they’re shiny and colourful and dancing along our TV screens uprooting all we know about these long-tailed creatures.   

Join us as we look back at 5 iconic cinematic rodents who’ve had us question our dislike and fear of mice and rats.  

Mickey Mouse (1928 – ongoing) 

For this list to be valid, we must go back to one of the earliest animated rodents that had us singing and humming and clapping along to its shows – Mickey. Paving the way and shaping the conglomerate industry that is Walt Disney Studios, Mickey not only gave mice a friendlier face, but also built an empire that stretches beyond the confines of our dusty ceilings.  


Stuart Little (1999) 

Another iconic little mouse that had us wanting to all adopt baby mice is Stuart Little. From him finding a family to navigating the world of schooling alongside his human brother, we couldn’t help but shed a tear or fifty watching the heartwarming family film.  

Flushed Away (2006) 

What happens in the depths of the sewers where washed up late pets and rodents wind up after being flushed away? Well, this animated family film takes us on a journey to a whole new world of sludge, trials, humour and friendship.  

Ratatouille (2007) 

A rat in restaurant or even regular kitchen would be a cause for concern and a health hazard, but not in this iconic flick. Following the blue-toned Remy on his mission to pursue his passion for gourmet cooking has us rooting for him and yet conflicted about rat rights in the kitchen.  


The Tale of Despereaux (2008) 

This animated film follows the tale of one small mouse with a big dream. His name? Despereaux. His mission? To be a hero like the valiant princes and saviour he’s read about in fairytales. A love story that might be better than Twilight and a tail as old as time – this film could have you rooting for the small mouse with a big dream on his quest.  

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