Cloak and Dagger - S2

Olivia Holt in a scene from 'Cloak & Dagger.' (Screengrab: YouTube)
Olivia Holt in a scene from 'Cloak & Dagger.' (Screengrab: YouTube)


Having come to terms with their superpowers and how they work better together, Tandy and Ty take a new approach to fighting evil. They also discover how to strengthen their powers.


This season of Cloak and Dagger picks up a few months after the events of season one. In its sophomore season, Tyrone and Tandy are learning to hone their powers, and Ty has particularly gotten better at it.

Season two was equal parts well-structured and confusing. One moment I knew what was happening and the next, I had no idea where the characters were exactly. It really only finds its feet in the fifth episode. Before that, you’re unsure what or who the main focus is, it’s a bit all over the place.

Ty is trying to be a superhero by undermining the gangs, but all he does is make things worse. Tandy is trying to live a normal life, she’s going to ballet class again, her mom is clean, and they’re a semblance of regular folks. But when one of Tandy’s acquaintances from group therapy goes missing, she discovers that she’s not the first and that a number of girls have gone missing.

Then there’s Brigid who it turns out has a split personality – literally. All the darkness, anger and rage that existed in Brigid split from her body into a twin called Mayhem. For a while, it seems that Mayhem may be the antagonist of the season, but it’s a red herring. It turns out she’s trying to track down the missing girls that Tandy is also trying to find except that she has zero inhibitions to keep her in check.

A lot of this season has to do with voodoo, and because it’s set in New Orleans, it’s only natural that it should. It seems to be linked quite closely to Ty’s powers because he uses it to find people he’s looking for but also there’s this strange thing he’s able to do where he can take people into a dark dimension inside of himself. He did it with Connors (the cop who killed his brother) and then again with Mayhem. This was the part that confused me, where exactly did they go? Into his mind? Into another dimension? I don’t know. At one point Ty and Tandy step into a shadow created by Ty’s hoodie and go somewhere.

The reason it’s so unclear as to where they go is because of this season’s villain’s power. Andre Deschaine is a former jazz musician who acquired despair-feeding powers after being exposed to the Darkforce and the Lightforce during the explosion of the Roxxon Gulf Platform. And Tandy finds out the hard way that he’s the leader of a sex trafficking, which he uses to feed on the despair of his victims to ease his migraines.

In episode B Sides, he captures Tandy and places different scenarios in her mind of how life could have been had Billy and her father not died. Despite it being an episode where our hero is being tormented, I enjoyed this episode as a change in the pace of the season. Tandy comes out victorious because her power depends so much on hope she somehow finds it. 

In the end Tandy and Ty best Andre in a spectacular fight with the help of Adina and Brigid/Mayhem (who have merged), that happens both in the Dark Dimension and the real world where he is attempting to feed off the despair of the entire city and ascend to a god-like being. They end up leaving New Orleans together as more than just best friends to be heroes. It will be interesting to see what season 3 will look like without the setting of New Orleans, which was a character all itself.



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