Titans S2

Brenton Thwaites in 'Titans'. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros/Netflix)
Brenton Thwaites in 'Titans'. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros/Netflix)


After striking out on his own, Batman's former partner Dick Grayson encounters a number of troubled young heroes in desperate need of a mentor.


Season 2 of Titans picks back right up where we left off. Rachel’s demon father Trigon has control of Dick’s mind and is turning all her friends against her in order to get her under his control. But all this is dealt with rather quickly with Gar using the Power of Friendship TM to free Rachel so that she, in turn, can free Dick and defeat her father.

The Titans all go their separate ways with Dick taking the teens to Titan Tower in San Francisco. But before he does, he makes a quick pit stop to Wayne Manor to get Bruce’s blessing, which he gets with the only condition being that he takes Jason Todd (new Robin) along with him.

 I’m going to honest, Iain Glenn aka Game of Thrones’ Ser Jorah Mormont is not my favourite Bruce Wayne. He lacked the charisma and (suaveness) that makes Bruce Wayne who he is. We don’t see him don the Batsuit, so there’s not much to be said for him as Batman, but it is interesting to see Dick challenge him on how he was raised and also come to terms with who he is because of how he was raised.

Dick is essentially the father figure to the new Titans the way Bruce was to him, and he’s trying to do things differently. Differently to both the way Bruce raised him and the way the Titans were the first time around.

There are a lot of back flashes to the first Titans team: Robin, Wonder Girl, Dawn, Hawk and the now-deceased Aqualad. That’s because this season is all of Dick Grayson’s bad choices coming to bite him on the bum. See way back in the day, the Titans were out for revenge on Deathstroke for the death of Aqualad, and it did not end well. They used his son Jericho to get close to him, but they grew to love Jericho and well, mission aborted. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it, and it all ended in a big mess with the death of Jericho and the Titans disbanding.

I was really happy with the inclusion of Connor aka Superboy and Krypto this season. He was so perfectly cast, and his storyline was great both on its own and integrated into the overarching story. Honestly, Krypto was this season’s MVP.

I enjoyed Jason Todd’s storyline and even though he is annoying and arrogant. I just wanted someone to give him a proper hug. He’s misunderstood and treated with kid gloves even though he has more experience under his belt than any of the other Titan teens. But Dick is too busy putting out fires than being the mentor he’s meant to be.

Gar also feels the brunt of this absence when Dick literally abandons him alone with an unconscious Superboy once everyone leaves Titan Tower and then purposefully gets himself sent to prison for reasons only he knows. Even imaginary Bruce Wayne is confused by his shenanigans and self-pity. As a result, both Connor and Gar get captured and are experimented on by Cadmus (I still haven’t forgiven Dick for this by the way).

Being at the epicentre of season 1, it was nice to see Rachel play a supporting and heroic role in season 2. Even though she was trying to deal with the changes in her powers, she was the most stable of the Titans this year.

My biggest gripe with this season was the death of Donna; Superboy was standing right there. Superboy, who has both super speed and super strength could easily have saved Dawn from the falling electricity pole and taken all that voltage. Why Donna? It’s a small annoyance but overall the season was interesting and entertaining.

Kory has some family issues this season that sets up her sister Blackfire to be the Big Bad for season 3. There’s a lot that happens this season both with the old Titans and new and eventually them all working together and being that family that each of them is looking for. And of course, there is the inevitable birth of Nightwing. So here’s hoping Dick will pull himself together next season.