Greta on not getting a rose in The Bachelor SA: 'All I had on my mind was a bucket of chicken'

Greta Sher on 'The Bachelor SA.' (Photo supplied: M-Net)
Greta Sher on 'The Bachelor SA.' (Photo supplied: M-Net)

Greta Sher made quite an entrance when she walked the red carpet on The Bachelor SA with a bucket of chicken wings in her hands.

But it seems that wing joke didn't impress Marc Buckner as she was one of two women who didn't receive a rose in the third episode of the reality TV show.

During her time in the Bachelor mansion, the nail technician was embroiled in drama with fellow contestant, Bridget.

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On what her argument with the lifestyle manager from Cape Town was about Greta says she said the room was lilac and that she said it was purple.

"Jokes aside, she said I was a bully, which I take great offence to, and the fight just escalated."

Watching the show now the 27-year-old says she isn't surprised by the things she is seeing unfold on screen.

"Right now, I feel like Bridget's true colours are coming out."

At no point during the cocktail party did Greta even think about the rose ceremony, "I was living in the moment and embracing the experience. The rose ceremonies were a little stressful."

Greta Sher on 'The Bachelor SA.'

(QUEEN OF THE PURPLE ROOM: Greta's time on The Bachelor SA has come to an end. Photo: M-Net)

When her name wasn't called, she was surprisingly calm and revealed the only thing on her mind was a bucket of chicken.

Despite her bad experience with Bridget Greta says that she met the most wonderful women which was a surprise to her.

"I thought the girls would be very bitchy and catty."

On whether she thinks Marc's perfect match is in the house she believes the woman to steal his heart is there.

"He's got a great selection of ladies. But he let his magical unicorn go."

And is the 'queen of the purple room' still looking for love?

Greta says that for now, she is not looking for love but instead focusing on herself and self-love.


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The Bachelor SA season 2 airs Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101)