'The Bachelor SA' drama: Nolo gives her side of the story

Nolo Moloi on 'The Bachelor SA'. (Photo: M-Net)
Nolo Moloi on 'The Bachelor SA'. (Photo: M-Net)

Things went from 0 to 100 in the third episode of The Bachelor SA.

Life in the mansion is becoming increasingly tense this week and at the centre of it all was Bridget and Nolo.

Last week Bridget moved out of the purple room because she 'couldn't stand Greta'.

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However, the room-versus-room drama escalated prompting a group meeting. It turns out that Bridget and Greta had an argument prompting her to pack her bags and move to the pink room because she felt the purple room was ganging up on her. After that, Nolo and Bridget had a falling out.


We chatted to Nolo to get her side of the story.

What transpired between you and Bridget that we didn't get to see?

I was having a bad day and adding to it; I heard something about Bridget that just irritated me, which added to my already moody day. She tried talking to me about something, and I blatantly ignored her. She kept trying to get my attention until I snapped at her and told her that I don't feel like talking to her and that I'll talk to her in the morning. She then burst out crying and told her people that I am a bully. When she came back, I called her aside and explained to her what was going on with me, then gave her what I felt was a deep and sincere apology, I did this on two different occasions because she clearly needed it.

You were concerned that you came across as the baddie. Why was it important for you to clear the air?

I was labelled a bully in a situation that had nothing to do with me in front of everyone. I was clearly an easy target, being in the house started becoming very uncomfortable for me. It felt like déjà vu. I had let one too many situations not only in the house but in my life slide because I had allowed other people's feelings to be more important than my own. I've always kept quiet and let things slide because I didn't want to be the angry black woman. Not this time around. I will treat myself with the same love and respect that I treat others. 

Nolo Moloi on 'The Bachelor SA'.

(STANDING UP FOR HERSELF: Nolo won't be labelled a bully. Photo: M-Net)

Your speech at the cocktail party seemed to throw everyone off their game a bit. Was that your intention?

My speech had nothing to do with Marc; it was about me standing up for myself. This wasn't a game for me, but if it threw them off their game, then I'm glad.

Getting to know Marc is an extreme sport in this setting. How do you think this is affecting everyone's personalities in the house?

I felt that the ladies became so scared that Marc wouldn't be attracted to or like them. Their best survival tactic was to get the competition eliminated instead of trying to figure out if they even like him. All the women in the house have achieved so much for themselves. We all think very highly of ourselves, and I believe it also became competitive among ourselves. Like 'I'm not gonna lose to that bitch' type situation.

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The Bachelor SA season 2 airs Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101).