2014's biggest collabs

Our artists really brought out all the stops this year.

So many hit tracks were produced in SA and even greater collabs were made. This year saw some of the biggest and greatest songs ever to come out of SA.

We're serious, guys. Here are some of the collabs that stood out in 2014:

K.O featuring Kid X - Caracara

This songs was played at all kinds of events in 2014. This is no doubt one of the biggest songs in SA this year and it really changed the game. K.O and Kid X went in with the beat and the lyrics and we're still dancing to the song, although it was released months ago. The video even reached over one million hits on You Tube.

DJ Dimplez featuring Dreamteam - Yaya 

We've been to many parties this year and we can guarantee you that as soon as this track drops, the crowd runs wild. The Yaya dance created a new trend in SA, with celebs even challenging each other to do the dance on Instagram. Now that's what we call a hit.

AKA featuring Burna Boy, JR and Da Les - All Eyes on Me

SA meets Naija! AKA has no time for games, y'all! The rapper came out guns blazing on this killer track, which is well on its way to becoming a summer anthem. It's an amazing track -  even Cassper Nyovest is a fan. Big ups to the boys for this jam!

Cassper Nyovest featuring Talib Kweli - Doc Shebeleza remix

Cassper Nyovest killed the game when he teamed up with American rapper Talib on his hit track Doc Shebeleza. The original song is still a hit and we get the feeling that the remix will be one of Cassper's career highlights for a very long time!

Beyoncé  featuring Nicki Minaj - Flawless remix

This remix broke the internet when it came out. Queen B and Nicki really caught their fans by surprise when they drop the track. It's just one of those songs that will probably not be forgotten.

AKA featuring K.O - Run Jozi 

This is one of the biggest collabs in SA this year. No doubt! AKA and K.O killed this song! The track is so big that K.O's verse is considered as the best verse for 2014.