2015's comeback queen is Zahara

Zahara (Instagram)
Zahara (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Look up the word “comeback queen” in the dictionary and you might just find a picture of Zahara. The songbird, with the voice of an angel, rode a rollercoaster of drama and joy in 2015, before emerging as one of the year’s biggest and brightest talents.

It’s hard to believe that Zahara started the year having last released an album in 2013. 2014 had been an especially hard year for Zahara with the death of her brother apparently pushing her to alcohol in order to numb the pain.

The months that followed his death had been hard on the musician with constant media reports of her getting into trouble because of her supposed alcoholism.

These rumours and her heartbreak no doubt affected her music, but she shook off whatever creative block she had to work on her third album. Friends and family surrounded her and offered her support as she quietly went about crafting the album, Country Girl.

And then, just like a dreary winter makes way for the warm sunshine of summer, Zahara’s troubles disappeared. Not entirely, but for a season, people were focused on her music and not her personal life.

She released her Country Girl album and fans went crazy. The album went platinum in two weeks and Zahara was once again the Cinderella at the ball. She could now speak about piracy and about the rumours without fans mocking her or calling her a “lazy” and “lucky” artist. As 2015 closes, Zahara can reflect on the year with painful, but sweet memories and know that despite what people have said about her, she remains the queen of SA music.