AKA accuses corporates of 'stealing 'his' catch phrase

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg- AKA has come out guns blazing against corporate companies for allegedly "hijacking" phrases hip-hop artists like himself have coined. 

The All Eyes on Me star publicly called out Avis car rental for one of their adverts, which has the slogan 'Unlock the World' on it. 

While the term certainly doesn't belong to AKA, it is a phrase that he uses on a regular basis on social media and is even in the title of his latest album, Levels Unlocked. 

So, as expected AKA was not impressed when he saw the advert and took to Twitter to express his views on it. 

Here's what he has to say...

Major League also agreed with AKA that this is unfair… And then AKA found other examples… We think we'll coin: Hello.