AKA excited about BET nomination

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg- AKA will soon be jetting off to Los Angeles for the prestigious BET Awards. 

AKA, along with The Soil, are the only South African artists who have scooped nominations at the prestigious awards. 

The rapper told The Juice that he's excited about the nomination and flying the SA flag high.  "I'm sure my fans are proud of me and I'm proud to represent the country wherever I go," he said. 

AKA recently came under fire after he returned from his Africa tour, and expressed how he felt like, as artists, they get more love in other countries than here in SA.

"Anyone who knows me, knows I say what I feel at the time on social media. SA has made who I am and I'm proud to represent the country," he explained.

On the upcoming BET Awards, AKA says he's looking forward to the experience. "I'm not someone who is looking for a collaboration with French Montana or other international superstars, I will sooner do a collab with other African artists from the continent," he said. 

Did you get that Kanye?