AKA responds to assault claims: 'I had to be my own security'

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg - The Juice reported how eyewitnesses at the Jack Daniels Boomtown tent at The Durban July described to us how AKA kicked a fan during his performance. (Read that story here)

The witness says someone jumped on stage during the performance, and in turn, AKA kicked and shoved him off stage.

A few of the party-goers took to Twitter to talk about the incident and how it was a downer for them.


Although he had no comment when we called this morning, AKA was obviously not going to let this one go. He has hit back saying that he had to be his own security, because security was asleep on the job. He has also lashed out, saying the person was not a fan and his certainly not a supporter but rather 'an idiot.' AKA also justified his actions, saying 'run onto a sports pitch and see what happens to you.'


Considering the list of previous incidents of violence/violent threats that have been associated with AKA and his crew, is this just another notch on that bad boy hip hop image?. Yes, someone jumped onto stage when they weren't supposed to. It's the Durban July. In the evening. Things don't always go according to plan.

But how about you take a look at how legends handle this. Take The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl who was recently in SA. An international rock icon. A fan (we say fan because he was at the show and knew the words to the song - fyi: something eyewitnesses say the same about your 'fan') Dave didn't react. He smiled and ignored the guy. Eventually, after five minutes, security noticed what was going on. They pulled him and it was done. Professional. Eloquent. No drama.

Also, saying look at what happens when you run onto a sports pitch. Yes, and do you notice how if it's a player involved, the video goes viral and the player is ultimately involved in some kind of lawsuit. Is this the legacy you want to leave? Like you say, actions have consequences.