AKA takes a swipe at iFani- Again!

AKA (Twitter)
AKA (Twitter)

Johannesburg- If you, like us, thought the feud between AKA and iFani was a thing of the past, think again!

It seems like AKA just won't lay this matter to rest. 

After weeks of publicly slashing and insulting each other on social media, both iFani and AKA have been relatively quiet towards each other. Until now that is! 

AKA proudly announced on Twitter that he had just taken stock of all his awards and plaques, which totalled 23. 

That's pretty impressive and we're all incredibly happy for the rapper- if only he had left it at that. 

Shortly after revealing the number of accolades to his name, AKA took a jab at iFani, questioning the number of his accolades. 

iFani seems to have ignored the jab or maybe he is plotting his response. 

Eish mara AKA! 

Here's what he had to say: