AKA takes on iFani, Cassper and, well, everyone

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg - You'd think that after being away for a month and achieving massive milestones not only in his own career, but flying that SA flag high, AKA would have better things to focus on than the hate.

As if.

This is AKA we're talking about, and if someone is going to throw shade his way, he's going to give it right back.

And Monday was no exception.

AKA made a point to address all the peeps who are hating on him.

First up was iFani, who Tweeted the muso about coming home...

Then he had a cryptic message, which we assume was aimed at Cassper. (Today Cassper hit back at him, saying he makes R2m a night - read that story here.)

And then there were the haters, who he claims slammed him for not winning at the BET's. 

Out of ten, how over it are you?