AKA tells the world about his beef with Cassper

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It seems this little tiff between AKA and Cassper has gone global!

Just when we thought the beef between AKA and Cassper was "so 2014" the rappers re-warmed the beef and started feuding again.

And the beef is so strong even the folks in the UK want to know about it.

AKA was in the UK recently when he was asked in an interview about the beef he had with Cassper.

But AKA says there’s nothing to worry about, because him and Cassper are not on the same level.

"People (overseas) don’t know anything about Cassper except for me and what I’ve done," he tells Factory78.  

"For me, there is a reason why I am here and I was nominated for that BET and why I am the face of South African hip hop right now," he adds.

"You need to understand how far away I am from home. I tour. I go places. I go to Nigeria. I go to Ghana. I go to Kenya. I go to the Congo. I go to the UK. I go to Germany. I have a perspective and you can't compare me to someone who’s brand new and who hasn't proven himself over time. It’s just about respect. Respect me," AKA says.

Maybe Cassper and AKA can "respect" our data and stop the Twitter beef?