Magesh writes a song about getting arrested... and then gets arrested

Magesh (Instagram)
Magesh (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Oh! The irony!

Just days after being arrested, it's been revealed that kwaito star Magesh wrote a song about, well, getting arrested!

The kwaito bad boy, who was last week arrested for failing to pay his booze bill (read more about the commotion he caused HERE and how he got off the hook HERE) has recently released a song called Biza Bogata.

According to Sunday Sun, the song was inspired by Magesh's many run-ins with the law and his desire to be a role model.

“Magesh wanted to send out a clear message that when you make trouble, you’ll get arrested,” a friend in the music industry told the paper,

But his arrest has caused a bit of embarrassment for the TKZee singer, a source says "the song brought him bad luck" and "people now mock him."

Magesh has laughed off the drama, saying it's just a bad coincidence. "It’s sheer coincidence that I got into trouble after recording the song. This whole thing seems funny," he told the paper.

"Even my boys were calling me, saying I recorded a song and the cops came after me. I was never arrested. I was told to go to court where the charges were dropped," he adds.

Maybe Magesh should re-release the track and start again?