Lion King actress in hospital after horror crash

Buyi Zama (Facebook)
Buyi Zama (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Actress Buyi Zama is recovering in hospital after being involved in a car crash over the weekend.

According to Daily Sun, the actress, who plays Rafiki in the international hit theatre play Lion King, was travelling home from a house auction in Glenwood, Durban on Sunday, when the horror crash occurred.

"It happened so fast. I don't know exactly what happened," she told the paper from her hospital bed.

"I believe that if we didn't have our safety belts on we would not have been so lucky."

Buyi's sister was in the car with her and both are recovering in hospital.

"We are currently both recovering as we have sustained injuries. I injured my legs, but we will be fine," Buyi says.

Buyi's mom says she was shocked to hear the news of her daughter's accident and was angry that "the devil wanted me to feel pain." 

The family had attended church together earlier in the day, something Buyi believes protected her 

“I think going to church helped me because God protected me,” she says.

Buyi was set to return to Australia at the end of the month to resume her acting duties on the Lion King, but she will now have to wait until she has properly healed.

Maybe she can use one of Rafiki's magical concoctions to help her?