Anele Mdoda speaks out on the Unathi issue

Anele Mdoda has a new gig! (Getty Images)
Anele Mdoda has a new gig! (Getty Images)

Johannesburg- It's no secret that Anele Mdoda is never shy to voice her opinion, and never minces her words.

The feisty radio personality took to Twitter to speak out about the backlash Unathi got on the social media platform, over the comments she made about the alleged racism at the Stellenbosch University. (Read that story here

Unathi hit back at one of the followers, who she felt had insulted her husband. In a direct message to the follower, Unathi called her a "pshyco b**ch." (Read that story here)

In the midst of the debacle, Anele also came under fire from tweeps for voicing her opinion. "So you guys want to insult celebrities and then hide behind you hoping that they won't go hard on you cause they are personalities?" 

She added that people need to understand that celebrities are also people. Despite being dug into for apparently "dragging herself" into the situation, Anele is having none of it.

Anele took to Twitter again on Thursday to set the record straight on the point she has to make.