Arthur and Chomee are totally back seems!

Arthur Mafokate and Chomee (Instagram)
Arthur Mafokate and Chomee (Instagram)

Johannesburg- All arrows indicate that Arthur and Chomee have worked out their differences and are in a happier space. 

For months now, Chomee has been teasing with cryptic snaps, and messages to her bae. 

But she's been super careful not to tag Arthur on social media, mention his name or post any snaps of them together. 

We can't say we blame them for wanting to keep their romance out of the spotlight, especially after that incredibly nasty and public breakup last year. 

However, it's so obvious that they have settled their differences. Here's why...

1. Chomee is always spending time with Arthur's daughter and often can't wait to cook for her 'fam.'

2. That garage door they always take snaps in front of is the same. 

3. Chomee hasn't ever been spotted out with any other guy except Arthur. 

And, we just love happy endings! 

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