Arthur responds to 'pay back the money' claims

Arthur Mafokate (Instagram)
Arthur Mafokate (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Music genius, Arthur Mafokate, has settled his problems with DJ Jazzy D, and the pair now want their names out of the headlines!

According to Sunday World, Arthur owed DJ Dazzy D money after the 999 music boss hired him to teach his daughter and assist him at his popular CAN DO music festivals.

Until Dazzy D wanted his money so he could pay rent, and Arthur apparently started ducking and diving.

But it seems the pair have resolved their issues and have taken to Instagram to address all the rumours.

"WHENEVER I MAKE A HIT SONG, CONTROVERSY FOLLOWS ??," Arthur captioned one of the posts.

In screen shots of whatsapp conversations between the pair, Arthur says he can't let his daughter "suffer for something she didn't do" and confirms that he has in fact paid the DJ over R20 000!

We're just wondering why there's no blue ticks next to Arthur's messages. Maybe Dazzy D is part of the "no read brigade"...