Bob Mabena: I'm definitely still a sex symbol

Bob Mabena (Twitter)
Bob Mabena (Twitter)

Johannesburg- He may be one of the most influential men in Mzansi, but at 46 you may be forgiven for thinking Bob Mabena's days as a sex symbol have long past. 

But someone forgot to tell that to Bob.

The legendary radio personality spoke to Vuzu recently where he revealed that he is still seen as a sex symbol - at least by his wife.

"In my house, with one woman, I'm definitely a sex symbol! At least that's what she tells me," he jokes.

And after the success of his track Get Funky, Bob isn't ruling out the idea of him returning to studio to drop a new album.

"Given the right time, the right moment, the right producer, the right hooks, the right drums, the right environment, I'd definitely drop another one," he reveals.

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