Bonnie Mbuli's book theft problem

Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)
Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's been two nearly two years since Afternoon Express presenter Bonnie Mbuli released her autobiography, but it's still hot property it seems.

In fact, the book, Eyebags & Dimples, is so popular it's being stolen off the shelves.

Bonnie posted a picture of her book with a sticker claiming it is one of the "most stolen books" in the store and advising customers to get a copy of the book at the counter.

Apparently even the display copy had "pages torn out and stolen." 

"It's a double edged sword, now I know how musicians feel when their music is pirated. It's sweet because people are hearing ur music,bitter because they're stealing from you," she wrote of seeing her book pirated.

"Either way ,I'm grateful that people are reading my story," she added.