Bonnie Mbuli's heart-wrenching tribute to her father

Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)
Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Bonnie Mbuli didn't get a chance to meet her father, but the impact he's made on her life will last forever.

To celebrate Father's Day, Bonnie shared a heart-wrenching story with fans about how her father told her life story a day before he was murdered. 

The TV personality revealed that even though she didn't know her dad, he knew her and what her life would one day become.  

Bonnie told fans how her dad rocked her to sleep on the night before he was killed, and how he told her mom that she would one day travel to places he'd never seen, will be on TV and her name will be known all over the world. 

The TV personality encouraged all dads to "bless and love your children" regardless of what your circumstances may be right now. 

Aww…grab us a tissue please!