Brickz STILL denies stealing a speedpoint

Brickz Mabrigado (Instagram)
Brickz Mabrigado (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It seems like there's no real end to the mystery of Brickz and the missing speedpoint!

Last week, it was reported that Brickz had made off with a speedpoint at a garage in KwaZulu-Natal, while putting in petrol - a claim Brickz has denied (read more about that). 

This week, fresh reports from Sunday World claim that Brickz had played detective and found the missing card machine, handing it over to his lawyer to courier back to the station.

But the Sweetie My Baby singer is adamant that he did not take any speedpoint and has told anyone that claims otherwise to show him CCTV footage.

Responding to a fan who asked him if he's still in denial after the latest reports, Brickz responded online, saying maybe they have the wrong Brickz:

We imagine Brickz won't be going back to that garage in a hurry...