Cassper has a message for all the haters

Cassper Nyovest (Instagram)
Cassper Nyovest (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Cassper Nyovest has come a long way from paying attention to people who hate on him. 

The rapper took to Facebook recently to share his feelings over all the negativity and hate he's been getting lately. 

The Doc Shebeleza star says that it doesn't bother him anymore, because the people who love him, love him for his craft and the music he's making.

"It may seem like everybody hates me now, but that's not the truth. The truth is people who love you can see you in the conform of their homes, cars, work place or wherever it is that they enjoy and embrace your art. They don't have to be writing articles about you or tweeting you all the time. But people who hate you always want to voice it and tell you how much of a bad person you are because it burns them to see you succeed," he wrote. 

Cassper explained that he's accepted that this is the way things are, and the negative publicity has nothing to do with how people love him and interact with his music. 

Good for you Cassper! 

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Posted by Cassper Nyovest on Thursday, June 4, 2015