Chicco Twala: “No one cared about Senyaka more than me”

The news of Senyaka Kekana's death earlier this week sent the entire nation into shock. But no one was possibly in more shock than legendary music producer, Chicco Twala.

"I'm the one person who cared about Senyaka more than anyone else,” he told the Daily Sun this week.

The hit producer says that he and Senyaka were still very close, despite not having seen each other for over 5 years.

“No one can say I didn’t care about him because I bought him a house in Orlando when his family didn’t care. They only care about him now that he’s dead. I didn’t neglect him I will go to his funeral.” says Chicco.

Although a date and time has yet to be confirmed, Senyaka’s funeral service will apparently be held in Orlando soon.