Clint Brink all set for fitness show

Watch this space!

The sexy actor and fitness fundi has a fitness show in the making. If you're a Clint Brink fan, you'll know that he left Scandal! in 2011 after he got bored with his character, Tino Martens. Clint later joined the cast of Rockville.

But that's not all Clint's known for. He also released his first solo album in 2012 and is a Muay Thai instructor.  Now the hottie will be doing his first ever fitness show.

Although nothing has been annouced officially yet, Clint let the news slip on Twitter yesterday.

"Training done..oats..egg coffee..LETS GO..Im just over 8weeks out from doing my first ever fitness show..No cake today..well," he tweeted.

*Picture: Instagram