Comedian Tol Ass Mo: "It was all a misunderstanding"

Charges of attempted murder and malicious damage to property  against the comedian and Vuzu TV presenter have been dropped.
A few weeks ago, Tol Ass Mo was involved in an altercation, which saw him end up on the wrong side of the law. It was alleged that he got into an argument with another man, James French who called him the 'K word.'
The comedian has since issued a public apology at the Human Rights Commission's office. He told Daily Sun that it was all just a very unfortunate misunderstanding.
"We were in a heated argument and it resulted in us saying regrettable words to each other.I’ve learned so much from French about maturity and a number of other things," he explained.
Both men released an apology, which stated: "We wish we could take back everything that happened on that evening but we cannot. What that leaves us, however, is the opportunity to apply all the important lessons that we have learned since."
The Human Rights Commission also issued a statement saying that it considered the matter closed.
Glad that's sorted!
*Picture: Facebook