DJ Shimza would "love" to become like Euphonik

DJ Shimza is fast becoming one of the biggest DJs in the country but would he ever give up mixing on other people's radio shows to star on his own, like his hero Euphonik?

The Juice got the chance to chat with Shimza ahead of his performance at this week's Boiler Room Stay True South Africa event and he tells us he's not completely against the idea.

"For now I just want to concentrate on what I'm good at, which is DJing, but I would actually love to host my own show. Even though I feel like I lack the personality to run my own show, I guess the same can be said of Euphonik before he started his show. But anything is possible," he says.

And just in case you thought those plans weren't ambitious enough, Shimza tells us he's actually quite the businessman already, just like Euphonik.

"I try to explore everything. I do T-shirts and events and I also have a brand of earphones so I'm trying to grow myself and my brand slowly," he says.

*Picture: Instagram