DJ Zinhle on success, business and opening doors for other women

DJ Zinhle is undoubtedly one of SA's top female DJs.

Zinhle, who has been in the industry for years, has paved the way for many females in the male-dominated industry. On what she has done for women in the music business, Zinhle told The Juice: "I am truly happy for the girls but I could never take full credit, I just feel like I opened the door and the rest was up to them. They are the heroes for taking advantage of the opportunity."

Although she's had a lot of success in her music and business, she still feels that there's still more to be done. She said she will probably reach the peak of her career whens he employs over 1000 people.  But those who want to work with Zinhle need to understand that there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

On how she got to where she is today, she said: "It's a lot of hard work, time away from loved ones and research. I am always looking for new ideas, thinking about the next big thing. I am at the office all week, working late hours. Reading is also very important and I have to dedicate time to that because that is how I educate myself about business."

It seems all the time and sacrifice has paid off and we see it in her music and work ethic. One of Zinhle's greatest highlights include the time when her single My Name Is, became a smash hit. She said this is when she realised she had made it.

"When My Name Is went big, even then I thought 'this is a good start, where do I go from here?'" She said SA can expect more great music from her.

And of course, her Era brand, which includes watches, is expending every day. It's no surprise that she went into this sort of business as she has always loved and collected watches and shades.

"Whenever I bought sunglasses or a watch I would imagine what it would look like if it had my logo in it. I started talking to Nomndeni, my best friend, about it and she made it more real, we started chatting about ideas and then two years later, I launched Era by DJ Zinhle," she explained. Zinhle expressed her appreciation for her fans and thanked them for believing in her dream.

There's no doubt that the KZN born beauty is on top of her game right now. And, underneath that hard-working woman is a very simple girl. Zinhle, a Capricorn, described herself as emotional and said she loves deeply. "I love my friends, family and work." Did she ever imagine that she'd be this big? "Not at all. I think God still has bigger plans for me and there is more greatness in store," she told The Juice.

She believes that having a plan, working hard and having a clear vision will get you far in life.

*Picture: Instagram