Darren Scott thanks fans from hospital bed

Darren Scott with his son (Facebook/Supplied)
Darren Scott with his son (Facebook/Supplied)

Johannesburg - Three days after going in for surgery to remove melanoma from his lung, Darren Scott is in high spirits.

The radio personality announced last week that a biopsy had revealed that he had melanoma in his upper left lobe. He underwent surgery on Thursday at Milpark hospital in Johannesburg to remove the melanoma, and warned fans that he would not be able to communicate for a while as he would be in ICU.

However, Darren posted a message on his Facebook page on Saturday, saying that he was doing well and thanking everybody for their support.

"Morning gang! Feeling much better even though it feels like someone parked a Jeep in between 2 of my ribs. The doc seems pretty happy that he got the whole bugger out. The support staff here at Milpark are unbelievable - I even awoke to find a TV and biltong at my ICU bedside for the rugby! (Thank you Boks for causing a near relapse - you almost made me pull the rest of the lung out myself!)"

Darren says that the support from members of the public and fellow industry colleagues has been tremendous.

"And thank you to EVERYONE for your messages of support - spending today reading them all (not much by way of entertainment here in ICU apart from playing "HiLo" with Mr Rosenblum's heart rate!) Just a word for my fellow radio colleagues - it's what makes this the best job in the world - we compete, yet all stand together for each other when needs be. So to all my fellow radio pros from Kevin S & my Hot & XVR family, to Tony B & Tony S (good luck with Magic bud!), Ravi N to Darren S, Lance R to Dave G, my mates at ECR, Jac and for your beautiful words Kenny M, thanks from the bottom of my lungs (cos the top ain't there anymore!). Looks like I'm going to be around for a little while yet ..."